Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Books of the year

For the first time ever, I've kept a comprehensive list of all the books I read and films I watched this year (have several attempts that lasted until July in a drawer somewhere). It's fascinating (to me); 61 books and 96 films (there would be more books but I didn't read much in the early part of the year due to academic stresses) and I've been happily counting ratios of fiction:non-fiction, sci-fi:other, living:dead authors, english language:translated....and the 10 Agatha Christie's I have reread(!).

Have made a rough list of the books I loved the most that I read this year:

The dispossessed Ursula Le Guin

Asimov on Science Fiction Isaac Asimov (non-fiction)

The fountain overflows Rebecca West

War and peace Leo Tolstoy

The uncommon reader Alan Bennett

Black snow Mikhail Bulgakov

Henrietta’s war Joyce Dennys

Snow Orhan Pamuk

The Mitfords: letters between 6 sisters edited by Charlotte Mosley

The Children’s Book A.S. Byatt